Digital Leaders

At Briscoe Primary School we have introduced a new role for our children. This is the role of Digital Leader, and these children will have responsibilities around the school, in the class room and online.


The Digital Leader Team is 11 Children who have demonstrated a number of good qualities, such as responsibility, honesty, through the application and interview process. We had over 100 children interested in the role, and 47 completed their application. 20 children were invited to interview with Mr Smith and 11 children were successful.


We have been put into 3 teams:


The Review Team:

More information to follow.


After February half term, we will be running a Coding Club with the help of Mr Smith, it will be in Aspen class and there are 16 spaces. Look out for a letter to put your name down for it!



Felmores End,




SS13 1PN



T. 01268 727751




Enquiries:  Mrs G Fletcher

Inclusion Lead:  Mrs L Hargreaves



Office hours


Monday to Friday

8.30am - 4.30pm