British Values

We want our pupils to know that they belong to the Briscoe family.  This sense of belonging from the age of 2 is palpable in our pre-school settings.


At Briscoe we listen to our children.  Pupils matter and that is why we give them a voice in the Pupil Council.  From Reception they learn about democracy, how it works and why it matters.  From this early lesson, children gain an understanding of why we have rules, how laws are made and why they matter.


We have many opportunities to share ideas and news with the pupils at Briscoe.  From circle time in the classroom to whole school assemblies in the hall, we link the HEARTS values to everything that happens in school and in the wider community.


We take every opportunity to celebrate national events such as St George’s day and the Queen’s birthday, instilling pride, not just in the school community, but in our local area and nation.


British values are reflected throughout the Hearts Promise. 




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